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Friday, 10 June 2011

Week 5 = House

Week 5 - oh it's a big one!!

Entry - left is outer wall of Games Room. Right is Study

Recesses for pictures

Games Room is now finished.

Garage with big ass Lintel

Hallway from the Garage down to all the 3 bedrooms. Toilet door on the left

Hallway complete. Laundry left. Toilet (no longer visible) and bedrooms down the hall

Laundry left. Toilet (Powder room) Right

1st complete bedroom with Walk in Robe

Inside the bedroom.

Garage - bricks have now been completed over the Lintel

Fire place is the to be completed on Monday. It's coming along.

All finished. I don't envy them the job of building a fire place that big, almost 60 courses high.. hell no.. Good luck boys!! I think I might need to buy some beers..

Just a little update - the timber for our roof has been delivered, smack bang in our driveway, but at least it's all ready to go.

Fantastic brick work, its beautiful. Very pleased!!

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