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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Roof continues

25th June 2011

6th July 2011

There's a little more to come.. 

The Roof!! The roof, the roof is not finished!!!

First of all.. do NOT attempt to build a house in Winter, then do not build a wooden framed roof in the middle of winter. Why??

Well isn't it obvious.. If you are trying to get your roof built and finished, Perth is guaranteed to receive the highest rainfall on record..

As you can tell I am a little frustrated.. Our roof was supposed to take 3 weeks max!! We are now into week 6..

It starts..

13th June 2011

18th June 2011

but wait there's more....

Friday, 10 June 2011

Week 5 = House

Week 5 - oh it's a big one!!

Entry - left is outer wall of Games Room. Right is Study

Recesses for pictures

Games Room is now finished.

Garage with big ass Lintel

Hallway from the Garage down to all the 3 bedrooms. Toilet door on the left

Hallway complete. Laundry left. Toilet (no longer visible) and bedrooms down the hall

Laundry left. Toilet (Powder room) Right

1st complete bedroom with Walk in Robe

Inside the bedroom.

Garage - bricks have now been completed over the Lintel

Fire place is the to be completed on Monday. It's coming along.

All finished. I don't envy them the job of building a fire place that big, almost 60 courses high.. hell no.. Good luck boys!! I think I might need to buy some beers..

Just a little update - the timber for our roof has been delivered, smack bang in our driveway, but at least it's all ready to go.

Fantastic brick work, its beautiful. Very pleased!!

Week 4

Week 4

Standing at the back of the house with the bedrooms on the right and the Garage at the end.

Walls of our Games are just beginning. Entrance hallway on the right

The front.

Open plan Family Area, Pantry on the left.

Not much left to do now..

Rooms - Week 3

Week 3

Study (right) Theatre Room (middle) left doorway is the entrance into the Open plan Family area

Kitchen Door and entry to Master Bedroom (left)

Down the hallway - Fireplace at the end

Looking at the Kitchen

Doorway of the Theatre Room and the Study on right


It doesn't look like much now, but you wait!! 

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Walls - Week 2

Week 2
The shell of our house starts to take shape

The Front door with the Study window on the left, and the Games Room window on the right.

The Theater room - two small windows

Doors for our laundry (left) and two bedrooms.

At the front - Garage on left - Front door with Study and Games Room on either side

Left side of the House

Kitchen (right) entry to Master Bedroom (left)

We are full steam ahead now

Bricks - Week 1

Week 1

Our Master Bedroom is taking shape in the distance

The Fireplace is in the middle, it's allot bigger than I thought it would be. Guest Bedroom coming along on the left

Entrance to the Guest Bedroom

The outside of the Guest Bedroom

Sliding Door into our Master Bedroom

Fireplace on your left and Guest Bedroom straight ahead

ooh it's so exciting

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Bricks, could there be anymore Bricks!!!

Wow!! At least this shows you where exactly all your hard earned money is going.. It doesn't make it any easier though, it's just a nice thought!! 
When the Bricks are delivered, the delivery man places them strategically for the bricklayers. Saving time, muscle and leg work. 
We provided two garbage bins for our contractors to use and to avoid it all being churned into our garden, we have been lucky enough that they also try to keep our building site as clean as possible, ever conscience that we live very close to a national forest.


Now the Concrete is done..

It gets really interesting because we have some deliveries coming..

Window Frames
Door Frames
Brick Layers concrete (shed to store cement from the weather)
Brick Layers

Bricks are on their way!!


Oh yes folks, we have concrete!!

With a few hickups, our excellent Concrete contractor and Plumber we were successful with out ginormous island of cement.

But, it needs watering for at least 5 days, to make sure it doesn't dry out and crack.

Yes, this is normal..