Welcome to my blog about Owner Building My Home in Western Australia. With no experience in building at all, it should be interesting.

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Bricks, could there be anymore Bricks!!!

Wow!! At least this shows you where exactly all your hard earned money is going.. It doesn't make it any easier though, it's just a nice thought!! 
When the Bricks are delivered, the delivery man places them strategically for the bricklayers. Saving time, muscle and leg work. 
We provided two garbage bins for our contractors to use and to avoid it all being churned into our garden, we have been lucky enough that they also try to keep our building site as clean as possible, ever conscience that we live very close to a national forest.


Now the Concrete is done..

It gets really interesting because we have some deliveries coming..

Window Frames
Door Frames
Brick Layers concrete (shed to store cement from the weather)
Brick Layers

Bricks are on their way!!


Oh yes folks, we have concrete!!

With a few hickups, our excellent Concrete contractor and Plumber we were successful with out ginormous island of cement.

But, it needs watering for at least 5 days, to make sure it doesn't dry out and crack.

Yes, this is normal..

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Site Works continues - Preparing the Pad...

Once the site is prepared and when I say prepared, I mean the holes are dug for the Septic Tanks, Storm Water Drains and Leach Drains and the they must be placed in and covered over again..

Then the pad must be levelled for the concrete to be poured on. But, before the concrete goes on, you need sand and lots of it. Now the pad is made approximately 2.5 meters larger than your actual house, and this is covered in sand and compacted.

We were very lucky actually, to not end up with fine white sand, we ended up with a firmer sand that didn't blow away in the wind and when you walked on it you didn't sink. It must have had some percentage of clay in the mix.. It was fabulous, and when building on red dirt it blends in much better than white or yellow sand.

The rocks are taken away, the sand is delivered and compacted and then it's ready for the Grano. This all takes about 3+ weeks, and costs about as much as a deposit on a house. But our site work contractor was fabulous, he did a great job and I would highly recommend him. If you want his details please e-mail.

Apart from rocks, we had a mountain of soil left over and had it spread out all over our block. Our site works contractor spread it out perfectly, building up our driveway and even considering our pool in the future, made a pathway for the bobcat to travel down along side our house to prevent any damage to our garden or veranda.. Brilliant!

Rocks are Gone!

No Diving!!
Yes, it does look huge, but it will get smaller..